git-dit github import

So I started developing an importer for importing github issues into git-dit - the distributed issue tracker build on git. Turns out it works well, though some things are not yet implemented: Wrapping of text. This is difficult because quotations are wrapped, but the quotation character is not prepended to the new line - which results in broken format Importing only issues. Right now, PRs are imported … which is not exactly what we want.

Panorama Photography is hard

As the cautious reader might have noticed, I got myself into photography lately. Well, I’m by no means a professional, but it is a nice hobby and I get myself out into the nature (not right now, because weather really sucks here in south Germany right now, but in general) to take pictures. In the summer, during my trip to Iceland, I took a lot of pictures - and also panorama pictures.

2017 in Rust

Inspired by the Call for Community Blogposts I want to summarize my experiences and thoughts on Rust in 2017 and what I am excited about for 2018. Reflecting 2017 2017 was an amazing year for Rust. We got 8 releases of rust itself! We got basic procedural macros allowing custom derive (also known as “macros 1.1”) in the first release last year (1.15.0). This made serde 1.0 possible, if I’m not mistaken?


34c3 was awesome. I prepared a blog article as my recap, though I failed to provide enough content. That’s why I will simply list my “toots” from mastodon here, as a short recap for the whole congress. (2017-12-26, 4:04 PM) - Arrived at #34c3 (2017-12-27, 9:55 AM) - Hi #31c3 ! Arrived in Adams, am excited for the intro talk in less than 65 min! Yes, I got the tag wrong on this one (2017-12-27, 10:01 AM) - Oh my god I’m so excited about #34c3 … this is huge, girls and boys!

How to improve your open source code (5) - Planning of an Application or Library

This post was written during my trip through Iceland and published much latern than it was written. In this and also maybe in the next few articles we will focus on rather code-related things than on direct code properties. I hope that’s okay. Planning of an application or library is not easy, not at all. But how much planning do we actually do before writing code? And should we do more?

Iceland 2017

This is the travel report 'Iceland 2017'

In summer 2017 I was on a four-week trip through the beauty of Iceland. The incredible nature, the cold lava, the Geysir, the mountains and rivers - the awesome weather we had on almost every day made me fall in love with this beautiful country. Arrival stress On Sunday, 23th of July 2017 my journey began. I arrived in Kevlavik late at night. My plane landed at 23:55 (without delay).

Why I use Linux

I’m not sure whether I wrote an article like this before. Either way, the Why I use Linux Project is a nice opportunity to write (again?) about this topic. History First of all, some history. I was introduced to “the other operating system” in grade 11 by a close friend of mine. At the time, I didn’t know a thing about computers. I just graduated middle school (“Realschule” in Germany) and started high school (“Gymnasium” in Germany) and made new friends.

How to improve your open source code (4) - API Design

This post was written during my trip through Iceland and published much latern than it was written. What is a nice and gold API. How is “nice” defined when it comes to library interfaces? That’s a question I want to discuss in this post and also, how you can create a nice API in your open source library without studying a topic like software architecture or similar.

Blueprint of a distributed social network on IPFS - and its problems

#matrix , #ipfs , #scuttlebutt and now #mastodon - We’re living in awesome times! centralization < decentralization/federation < distribution! #lovefortech (me, April 10, 2017, on mastodon) The idea With the rise of protocols like the matrix protocol, activitypub and others, decentralized social community platforms like matrix, mastodon and others gained power and were made real. I consider these platforms, especially mastodon and matrix, to be great steps into the future and am using both enthusiastically.

The development of a music taste

It is funny how a music taste changes over time. When I started listening to music extensively, which was about 10 years ago (at the time, the nickname “musicmatze” came up, btw), I mostly listened to German rap and HipHop. I did not listen to “known” artists at the time. Some names I can remember are Pidvalid, Syntheciser, End and Alligatoah (yeah kids, take that - I listened to Alligatoah before it was cool).