About me

Hi! Nice to meet you!

I am from germany. I study computer science and I love programming, linux stuff, (heavy metal) music and cooking.

You can find me on github, reddit, lastfm, xing and here, but not on facebook, google or linkedin.

Short story long:

Well, above is for the lazy. Here goes the full story. I’m interested in programming and computer science stuff. I love linux (actually, I don’t have a clue how to use Windows), programming in several languages, watching several series, animes or movies, talking, discussing, debating and interacting with people on technical things.


Lets start with the computer science stuff. So I started to learn Java (as every beginner in programming does, I guess) when I entered grade 11. I was ahead of the course after two weeks or something, so I got a bit bored. This caused me to learn Ruby, which I programmed in for almost 2 years. That were Ruby 1.9.1 and 1.9.3 days, I actually did some stuff in Ruby 2.1 but I lost track of the changes pretty fast when I started to learn C. I wrote several cool things in C, starting from a simple commandline option parser and a utility library (which shouldn’t be used, it was for learning). I patched several open source projects, sending pull requests upstream. This includes

and maybe some others, I don’t really remember.

When I started studying, I was able to write Ruby, Java and C code. In my studying time, I

  • send patches to the linux kernel, which resulted in me “maintaining” a staging driver because I sent enough cleanup patches, so someone put me in the maintainers file (I know this is not really maintaining it, but well… how to phrase it then?). The driver (which was a broadcom wireless chip driver) got removed. because the code was too shitty (even after my cleanup it was a mess).
  • Was involved in libreset, a fast threadsafe set implementation in C (Not ready).
  • and waysome, a window manager on the wayland protocol (Not ready).

And wrote a fair amount of bash scripts for automating things, including a git repo maintaining helper, mini-blogging-engine and some nixos helper scripts.

I also started the imag project, a personal information managements suite for the commandline.

From the very beginning of this story, I used Linux. I started in grade 11 with Ubuntu (and KDE) as almost every linux-beginner. But I got annoyed really fast, so I switched to Archlinux, which was my distro of choice for a long time. In my 4th and 5th semester at university, I learned of NixOS, which is my distro of choice since. I wrote several packages for NixOS and I will continue submitting and maintaining both packages and services as much as I can.

The sound of my life

Well, the sound of my life used to be german rap for a long time. But when I was 17 or something, I got into heavy metal, which soon ruled out hiphop and rap completely. I started listening to bands like Dead by April, Amon Amarth, Norther, Dark Tranquillity, Sonic Syndicate, Scar Symmetry and dozen others. For a full list, have a look at my last.fm profile. So, I listend to Melodic Death Metal only for several years. Later I got into Industrial, EBM and more electronic music, too. Today, I listen to everything from Beethoven to Suicide Silence, covering genres from Brutal Death Metal to Future Trance to Dubstep and back to, of course, Melodic Death Metal. And because I love music as much as I do, my nick is “musicmatze” whenever possible. (I used this nick for almost 10 years now, I won’t change it anymore, I guess.)

I was at the Summerbreeze festival for 4 times, I was at several great concerts, including In Flames, Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity, Sonic Syndicate, Children of Bodom, Ensiferum, Bury Tomorrow and several others.

Besides listening to music, I played the flute once (who didn’t, seriousely?) and learned to play the keyboard, piano and organ (yes, the big one in the church), but currently I focus on the piano only. And I have not that much time for playing, actually.

I also made HipHop beats long time ago, but I wasn’t good, I guess. It was fun, at least, so … yeah.

I also started to dance (normal things like ChaChaCha, Waltz, rumba and so on) in my 5th semester. And I’d like to learn more modern dancing, like Shuffle, Jumpstyle and so on… but well, I’m not talented enough, I guess.

I got into a japanese course in my 7th semester as well as into climbing and I also started do go jogging regularily.

More things I do and like

I like cooking, especially vegetarian food, but not only. I love pasta! I like to read a lot, but I do not have much time for reading, unfortunately. But when I do, I like to read Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff.

In my free time I program a lot, watch series (How I met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Game of Thrones and several Anime series, including Deathnote, Elfenlied, Eden of the East, Ghost in a Shell and many more), listen to music as already said, dance, read, cook, meet friends, study and so and so on…

If you want to learn more about me, talk to me or send me pizza, feel free to contact me via mail: mail (at) beyermatthias (dot) de

I encourage you to use my GPG key: BE07C0E7D8298696B725D68F98BE4B4F20CA0F94