git is a distributed version control system by Linus Torvalds, the father of the Linux operating system. I use it on an everyday basis when developing code or even when writing texts (papers for my university or similar stuff).

I prepared a workshop on git for my local Unix group, called “Unfug” (german for “mischief” or “horseplay”) which is a shortcut for “Unix friends and user group” in September. Last week, at the 5th of December, the first part of the talk was delivered by me, today (12th of Dec.) the second part will follow. I arranged this workshop in two parts, as there is too much stuff to cover for one session. The normal length of such a talk is one hour, and I used 90 mins for the first part, which is much enough (and of course the length of normal lessons at our university)!

The sources

This workshop is also public available (LaTeX source) at github, as I version-controlled it with git! You can download it and use it for your own stuff under terms of Creative Commons License. For detailed information have a look at the license file, which is shipped with the repository.

The idea of the workshop

The idea of the workshop is not to get the participants from beginner level to professionals. It gives them a basic idea how to work with git (basics as committing and branching) and mentions all other stuff (rebasing, workflows, integration in bash, vim, etc.) and is therefor just kind of an overview. The participants should be able to google around wanted stuff on their own afterwards, as they already heared what is possible with git and how it is called.

Your contribution is wanted!

Please note that the workshop is written in german as well as the commit messages are. I would love if you would submit an english version if you want to, but I don’t know if latex supports compilation to english or to german. If you have an easy solution for this, please send me a pull request for your patches! Questions and suggestions are heavily welcome!