Learning C++ - The Bullshit (part 2)

Let me list some more bullshit I just learned.


A struct can have a function as member? So this is valid C++ code:

struct foo
    void * init_this_crap();

What the hell? Even worse: You can inherit from a structure! Seriousely? You can inherit from a fucking structure? No shit, Sherlok!

Implicit type conversion

This one is even worse. Lets have a look at the following code:

Dot give_dot(void) {
    return 5;

Dot is a class. This code is valid. What the fucking hell? In C++ it is legal to convert without any sematic for it. That sucks. Period.

Dot a = 5;

Automatic constructor calling

I already used the folling syntax:

Dot a();
Dot b(4);

But did you know that

Dot c;

Does also call the constructor for c ? What the fucking hell is this? I declare the variable c, but no… C++ won’t let you do that! It calls the constructor for Dot. Why? Because it is bullshit!

Sidenote: I would expect this

Dot c();

to include the constructur-call. But not without the parentheses!