Software development tools - presentations

From today until friday, there will be a number of presentation for software development tools and basics at my university. I organized this with a friend of mine as preparation for our semester project.

We will talk about 9 different topics:

  • bash scripting
  • git and github
  • C programming (no basics but advanced stuff)
  • How to properly document source code
  • C++ programming
  • How to use gdb and valgrind
  • How to use cmake
  • Threading in C and C++
  • Introduction to OpenGL

in this order. Three of these presentations are held by myself: The one one git and github, the one on source code documentation and the gdb/valgrind one.

My slides will be, of course, published on github, as soon as the presentations are over. Note that they are entirely written in german.

These presentation will be a preparation for our semester project, which will be written in C. So, some of these presentations are not relevant for the project, but they are interesting anyways. We initially wanted to teach ourselves how to do things properly. Then, some more stuff got into the list of presentations and we decided to make the presentations open for everyone, so everyone can benefit from them.

Today, the first two (bash scripting and git/github) will be sermonized.