Closed MLs are bullshit!

Do you have an open source project? Do you have an mailing list for it? Is it open for everyone? No? Why not?

I just tried to submit a bug report to an open source project. I checked if they had a Mailinglist. Apparently, they have. I wrote a message, described the bug (well, it was an error in the documentation, but I think this is also a bug of some kind). I tried to send the message. A failure notice came back.

Why the hell do open source projects close their mailinglists? Users have to register for sending mails, which is a hurdle to them. I will not subscribe for submitting a single bug. Never.

That’s why I love the linux kernel mailing list. It is open and therefor, everyone can submit bug without having to register, which enables you to simply file a bug report by writing an email.

If the lkml would be closed, the linux kernel wouldn’t be at the point it is today.

So, please, please, please, if you have an open source project and a mailing list for it - keep it open for everyone!