Y R U not documented?

At this very moment, I’m writing code for waysome, our wayland based window manager. And it really bothers me that most of the wayland codebase is not documented.

Basic documentation for the API of wayland is simply missing. In some cases, it is obvious what a function gets as parameters, but in other cases it is not. And wayland is not the only problem here, there are other libraries which lack of documentation.

I do not understand why people don’t consider documentation as code. For me, documentation is source code and because of that, everything which gets written has to be documented in a proper way.

Also, the wayland people suck when it comes to their build environment. Their documentation is doxygen based. But you cannot generate the documentation using “make doc” or something similar. You just can’t, it does nothing.

I don’t know what they are doing all day long, but I know it’s not documentation.