Well, I finally managed to get my feet wet with a functional programming language.

Its name is “Racket” and it’s a Lisp/Scheme. I really like it by now, as it is a whole collection of programming languages, featuring a lazy variant, typed variant and tools for writing slides or web pages / books / sheets and whatsoever.

I came up with the idea of transforming this blog into a piece of HTML generated by Racket code instead of Markdown-to-HTML rendering with a bash script and maybe I will do this, but not now or in near future, as I don’t know Racket enough by now.

Currently I’m trying to implement problems from project euler, to get my feet wet with Racket. My plan is to implement 10-15 euler tasks and then switch to something more advanced (well, euler is advanced for me, mainly because I’m really tired at the moment) like a IRC Bot or a Brainfuck interpreter or something like that.

Stay tuned, I’m sure I will write more about Racket as soon as I have something to write!