waysome - Christmas update

So, it’s just a few days before christmas, so let me post a short update on waysome! We’re currently implementing EGL support and we should be able to implement the API-window interfacing afterwards, which enables one to issue window-moving though the API.

I guess this pretty awesome! Actually, EGL gives us a hard time, because the interface just sucks.

We have already more than 2k commits merged into the development branch, more than 600 issues/pull requests were opened and nearly 600 are already solved. After window moving is implemented, we will start with heavy testing and debugging, to get it to a certain state where it is stable and as much as possible bugs are removed.

I actually hope we can get a basic window manager until the end of the semester, as we’re running a bit out of time here.

You are welcome to contribute or just watch it (but we would really prefer that you send us patches, contribute by testing and so on) on github.