Stop making new Linux distributions!

Really, just stop it! Nobody benefits from all your new Linux distributions, if they don’t change a major thing!

Why am I posting this? Well, yesterday, another Linux distro was announced on a german news site called “heise”. OzonOS is shown as nice-looking new linux distro on top of Fedora. It comes with Atom Shell, optimized for consuming media like music, videos or games.

But well … so what? We already have a buttload of linux distributions and these are only the ones listed at wikipedia. There are much more, I’d bet on it! But who benefits from even more linux distributions? I can tell you who: Nobody! Why not improving existing linux distributions? I mean, yeah, if you have a completely new approach on how to put together your distro, like Guix or NixOS have, I don’t say a thing! But just because of user experience? It seems like a freaking waste of effort to me!

So please, people, stop making new linux distributions! Make the existing ones better, improve our beloved open source software or whatever! But don’t waste your time on something like another linux distro or desktop environment or browser or office suite or whatever!