Tuebix was great!

Yesterday I was at tübix in Tübingen, Germany. And it was awesome, thank you guys for making this event happening!

There were several really interesting talks for me, starting with, of course, a talk about NixOS, held by a NixOS guy I didn’t knew by then. Joachim was there, too, and we had a nice chat about but not limited to NixOS! Thank you for beeing great, Joachim!

Afterwards I attended the talk about mutt and gpg, which was held by Sven, a really nice and inspiring guy who likes colors.

Afterwards I switched to the lightning talks, where I arrived just in time to see Ingo talking about Haskell. Oh my god, I really like this guy! He was really charged with energy when he started talking about Haskell. Awesome! I had a little chat with him afterwards about how to learn Haskell, as I still have some problems (not with Monads, as he assumed first, but) with getting the theory to do practical things for me. Thank you for the nice time, Ingo!

After some pizza, which was really tasty, I learned about pandoc from Kurt (no link here, sorry). And with this talk, I got to learn about a tool which I can use to write my thesis, so big thanks to Kurt for this! We also had some short chats where I learned even more about Pandoc and what it is able to do! Thanks a lot!

Then I went back to the room of the lightning talks, where several LUGs presented what they are doing and so on and I was forced to talk about UnFUCK without further preparation. I don’t mind it, thank you all for listening and giving me the opportunity to talk about the Unix Friends and User Campus Kamp at my University!

Then I went to a talk about Network Steganography held by my former fellow student Florian. Thank you, too, Florian, I’ve learned another bunch of things, so: Success!

After that I saw some notes from Joachim on nice stuff from the net and a talk about functional programming in C++ which was more or less a selling talk for Haskell. I don’t mind it, of course. It convinced me even more not to get an C++ programmer, because holy shit, this language sucks!

The exit talk was nice as well and afterwards we had some more time to socialize and talk with people and so on. But then we had to drive home again. It was an absolutely awesome day and I’d really love to be there again in 2016! Hopefully this was not the last tuebix!