A year of Unfug

This semester is at its end in about one and a half week. It was a good semester, even if mine is not over yet (I’m in my praxis semester right now and I have to work four weeks longer than the other students - but they have exams)! Since one year I’m the leader of the local LUG (Linux User Group) and I really like beeing it.

As far as I can tell I will be the leader for the next semester as well, but I guess one year is a great point to reflect and look back what I’ve done and what was awesome and maybe even what was not so good.

What was

So, in the last year, we had (during the semester) one talk each week (in alphabetical order here):

  • 31C3-Review
  • C++ - Arcane and rusty (2 parts)
  • Docker
  • Email (In)Security
  • FTP-Searchengine
  • Fish
  • Git-Intro
  • Go
  • Nix(OS) (my talk, actually)
  • Pimp my x86 (2x)
  • Presentation of a Bachelors Thesis
  • Presentation of a semester project (2x)
  • Racket
  • Regex Workshop
  • Reverse-engineering Workshop (2 parts)
  • Ruby on Rails 1
  • Ruby on Rails 2
  • Rust

Almost all talks were held by students, only one was help by an ex-student, who does one talk each semester for us. And they were awesome.

We also managed to go to the 31C3 as a group, which was an awesome experience and I’d really love it if we manage to go there this year as well. I also started a rewrite of our website, hopefully I will finish it this weekend, so I can do a talk about it next week, which is the last week where a talk is held in this semester (traditionally we do a “Pimp my x86” talk at the very end of the semester, where each student is allowed to talk for about 10 minutes, so it is lightning-talk-ish).


So next semester I really want to start organizing for the next Unix Friends and User Campus Kamp (Yes, the shortcut for this is UnFUCK). I really hope we can manage to get this event in the following semester, in the early months of 2016. It would be awesome to have a full weekend of nerdish talks and awesome people hanging around in our university, talking about Linux, programming languages and other foo which scratches my fields of interest.

And, of course, I hope we have some more awesome talks.