imag-store - The first binary!

“imag-store” was merged today! This is the first commandline tool for imag - the commandline personal information management suite!

Okay, well, it is just the bare interface to the store and has no special features, as it is meant for debugging purposes only. Though, it is the first binary and we can finally see some progress at the CLI front! Yay!

What’s next?

I’m writing some libraries at the moment, one for tagging entries and one as convenience layer for linking entries to internal and external resources (but this isn’t fully specified yet). I’m also writing some utilities for entry headers, so you can query them from the CLI with a DSL (as well as in a module, but the query is interpreted at runtime and isn’t build at compiletime which is way to complicated for me at this moment). I’m also trying to get the git layer in the store working, but we have a discussion about whether it makes sense to implement this non-optional or not. I’m strongly for integrating it, as it makes the store code way simpler and of course it is a big point of the store to have version information available.

And modules?

Nothing keeps you from writing one. Really, all the things are already there and implement. One last thing you might want to wait for is the implementation of the retrieve_copy() method of the store which is not completed yet. But all the other things are there and usable (tests are there, but I really would be careful - I do not consider the store “stable” yet)!

So what are the concrete plans?

  1. Get the libraries implemented
  2. Test the libraries
  3. Start writing modules, the first modules will be the “notes” module and the “bookmarks” module, I guess.
  4. More modules
  5. More modules
  6. More modules