The no-internet experiment

Well, it is not really an experiement, as the title suggests, but as I recently moved, I do not yet have an internet connection at my new place. I do miss it, though it is not (yet) as complicated as you might think.

During the working days I’m at the university, working on either my thesis or something else (procrastinating), and of course there is internet available and I can use it. Saturdays I’m at the university as well, as I am the host of a programming group which meets each saturday to progam and socialize a bit.

But today is Sunday and I’m at home. I had no internet connection today. And it isn’t a problem, really. I rather enjoy it. I wrote some bash scripts (and used the manpages to find the information I needed), I wrote some source code for my “imag” project (and was able to run the compiler on it as it does not need internet connection) and now I’m writing a blog article, which of course can be done without internet access as well.

In the long run, though, I will have an internet connection at home. Also because I have a workstation PC which is rather … well, not useless, but lets just say “disabled” in some sense.

Lets see. I ordered internet access about one month ago, I wrote an email this Tuesday because I did not yet receive any comment or email or whatever about when I will get internet access and I guess I will write another rather harsh email next week, if I didn’t receive an response by then.

But for now it is rather relaxing to be without internet access.