What's coming up in imag (12)

Another 14 days in imag, the personal information management suite for the commandline - awesome!

We got a huge bunch of PRs merged in this period, which is awesome! Read more about it in this 12th iteration on what’s coming up in imag!

The past

We got PRs of three contributors merged in the last 14 days. Thank you very much, Kai Sickeler, Gavin Thomas Claugus and LeRoyce Pearson!

Also, we

  • hit the 80 stars-mark on 16th of July
  • hit the 90 stars-mark on 25th of July
  • hit the 2200 commits-mark on 25th of July

This is so awesome!

PRs merged in the last 14 days

As the number of PRs was rather high in the last 14 days, I just explain the most important ones here, leaving the others uncommented. If one wants to dig deeper, the PR description or title should suffice.

  • 522 adds the implementation for imag-bookmark - the frontend for libimagbookmark, which is implemented in #521. 301 was closed.
  • 514 was closed for 569, which superceeded it.
  • 542
  • 543
  • 544
  • 545
  • 546 adds more levels (more details) in the hook execution error wrapping
  • 547
  • 548 fixes the MutableHookDataAccessor to also execute StoreIdAccessors
  • 549
  • 535 added unit support for imag-counter.
  • 550 fixes the example imagrc file.
  • 551
  • 552 removes some trait bounds from the hook traits, as they do not have to be Sync.
  • 553 adds non-aborting support for hook errors. This means that a hook can return with an error which does not abort the store action it was called for. For example if a Store::create() call invokes a hook which fails somehow, the error can be marked to not abort the Store::create() call. By default, hook execution errors are aborting.
  • 554
  • 555
  • 557 merged commits so the store does not get created implicitely anymore.
  • 558
  • 559 refactored imag-view.
  • 561 adds a feature to the store which can be opt-in’ed at compiletime which gives the possibility to verify the store contents. This is implemented in the imag-store binary, which now has a subcommand to verify the store.
  • 562
  • 563
  • 564 fixed some issues with the imag binary behaviour which was not very convenient at the time.
  • 567
  • 568
  • 570 (closed unmerged, superceeded by 571)
  • 571 added support for config override the configuration via the commandline.
  • 573
  • 575
  • 578, 579, 580, 581, 582, 583 and 584 fixed the missing deny() blocks - warnings will now be treated as errors and abort compilation.
  • 586
  • 587
  • 588 refactored libimagcounter a bit.
  • 589 added a meta-crate for building the documentation of all libimag* crates in one step.
  • 592 made travis-ci silent.

PRs opened in the last 14 days and not yet closed

The future

Lets see what the future brings us…

Issues opened and already closed

The following issues were opened in the last 14 days but are already closed.

  • 556 asked for a rewrite of imag-view.
  • 560 mentioned an issue with the info-output which wasn’t shown if --verbose was passed.
  • 565 requested support for overriding the configuration via the commandline.
  • 572 mentions a bug that imag-view overrides --version in an unexpected way.
  • 574 mentions an inconvenience with the location of the imagrc file.
  • 585 was mentioned by Kai - some small enhancements can be made to libimagcounter.

Issues opened and not yet closed

The following issues were opened in the last 14 days. I might have missed some in this list, but here are the important ones:

  • 539 is a question whether we want the clap feature “suggestions” in imag and whether we want to create a wrapper crate for this or use the more noisy variant and enable it in every single Cargo.toml
  • 541 is a RFC for a imag-repl command. Would be a nice-to-have, I guess. I’m not sure about this, though.
  • 566 requests a switch to clap for the imag binary.
  • 576 mentions that we use unwrap() quite to often.
  • 577 mentions that we might implement a curses frontend for imag-view.
  • 590 asks for libimagnotification which should use notify-rust to create a notification utility library.
  • 591 asks for an update of the README.

Other things

I’m still working on the git backend implementation and I really hope I can get some progress. Right now I’m having a weird panic because of an RW-Lock. I don’t know why, though, and I really hope I can solve this quickly. I fail finding/seeing the issue, though.