What's coming up in imag (14)

As I wrote in the last iteration on what’s coming up in imag, I was on vacation from Tuesday, August 16th until Sunday, August 21th, so there was little progress in this period.

Anyways, we got some things done. Read about it here, in the 14th iteration on what’s coming up in imag, the personal information management suite for the commandline.

The past

First, lets have a look at the past.

Issues with the compiler

This is actually the first time I have issues with the compiler that broke my build. The beta compiler fails due to some regression. We therefor allow travis to fail the beta compiler job.

There is already a PR for reverting this change, so we build imag on beta as soon as the beta compiler was released with the fix for this issue.

PRs merged/closed in the last 14 days

These PRs were merged or closed unmerged in the last 14 days.

  • 479 - We do not need a LGPL checker in my opinion. The LICENSE file should be enough.
  • 502
  • 510
  • 638 was reopened in 656
  • 646 rewrote the Makefile.
  • 648 rewrote the libimagentryfilter crate by using the filters crate - thank you, impo!
  • 649
  • 650
  • 651 added github pages with the documentation for all crates imag depends on (of course the imag-* binaries are not documented in here, but all libimag* crates are). Finally!
  • 652 allows travis to fail the CI builds with the beta compiler, as written above.
  • 654
  • 659
  • 661 adds some documentation for the github pages.
  • 665
  • 666
  • 669

PRs opened in the last 14 days and not yet closed

These PRs were opened in the last two weeks and are not yet closed.

Issues opened and already closed

There was only one issue which was opened in the last 14 days and is already closed:

  • 647 - Rewrite the libimagentryfilter helper with the filters crate
  • 668

The future

Things that come up for the next two weeks.

Issues opened and not yet closed

These issues were opened in the last period, but are not yet closed. Of course we want to close them as soon as possible.

  • 653 - As described above, we ran into an issue with the beta compiler and disabled the travis checks for them. This issue is a tracking issue for reverting this patch.
  • 658 asked whether to disable the debug output in travis. We agreed that we do not want the debug output anymore in travis, so this turned into a tracking issue.
  • 660
  • 662
  • 663
  • 664

Other things

I declared my goals for the rest of the year. I really want to release version 0.2.0 of imag within this year, but some thing have to be done beforehand:

  1. Fix the StoreId problem
  2. Implement the git hooks (which requires the fix for the StoreId)
  3. Fix imag-notes edit which seems to be broken
  4. (optionally) Have a minimal working mail module
  5. (optionally) Cleanup imag-diary/libimagdiary a bit

Some more required (hard or soft) and optional things can be found in the milestone for this release I created.