What's coming up in imag (15)

Another 14 awesome days in the imag codebase

A lot has happened in this 14 days, despite I first thought it wouldn’t be this much. Read up here what progress we made, implementing the PIM suite for the commandline - imag!

The past

Lets have a look at the last 14 days. As said, a lot of things happened - more than I thought could happen, actually.

PRs merged/closed in the last 14 days

Here goes a list of the merged and closed pull requests from the last 14 days, the more important ones are annotated:

  • 670
  • 672
  • 691 was a PR on 635
  • 673
  • 674 disabled the debug output on travis.
  • 675
  • 692 adds a helper for Result types to automatically trace() errors when mapping over them.
  • 693
  • 694
  • 695
  • 696
  • 706
  • 707
  • 708 fixed the imag-link testing code.
  • 709
  • 710
  • 712
  • 713
  • 717
  • 718 was a PR on 635
  • 719
  • 720 superceeded 719
  • 721 was a PR on 486 and implemented the UpdateHook for the git hook implementation. Finally making progress there!
  • 722 was a PR on 721 to refactor the hook
  • 723 is a PR on 486 and fixed the hook implementation for the CI servers, so the tests run successfully now. code a bit.
  • 725

The following PRs were PRs towards #667 - the rewrite of the StoreId type.

PRs opened in the last 14 days and not yet closed

Here is a list of pull requests we have opened in the last 14 days but are not yet merged.

I hope they will land soon.

Issues opened and already closed

We also have a few issues that were opened and closed within the last 14 days:

The future

And now,… what’s coming up in the next 14 days.

Issues opened and not yet closed

The bunch of issues we have opened but didn’t manage to close, yet. There are more than expected, actually.

git hooks!

Well, well…

I’m working heavily on the git hook implementations, this is cooking for way to long now. The basics are already working, though. One can commit changes to the store with a default message which is set in the configuration file (no commandline yet, though the --override-config flag should work - at least I cannot see why it shouldn’t). One can also commit via the commandline (interactive) by either using the editor or by typing on the commandline directly, though there only a single line is supported.

What I want to implement in the basic git hook support:

  • When a file is created, it should be added to the repository (done)
  • When a file is removed, it should be removed from the repository

What I want to implement as soon as possible:

  • When a file is moved, it should be moved in the repository
  • A user might want to select, what entries in the store should be committed automatically with a commit message from the configuration, and what things she wants to commit herself.
  • If there is no repository in the store, it should be created automatically. If there are entries that are not yet added, but are not part of the update hook (so they are not in the repository and we are currently working on another entry) the user should at least get a warning. Even better would be if the user could decide whether the entries should be committed automatically or whether they should be left alone.

Other things

Another week of vacation.

Yes, I’m on vacation again from September 10th until September 19th (or maybe 20th). There will be no merges in this time, but you are all welcome to open PRs or issues and of course I will answer and review as soon as I’m back.