What's coming up in imag (17)

Another 14 days vanished quickly as hell.

Read what happened in the imag codebase in the last 14 days, in this 17th iteration on whats coming up in imag, the text based personal information management suite for the commandline.

The past

I posted an article about how I organize my 0.x.y releases.

Now lets see what happened in the past 14 days.

Despite me not beeing on vacation in the last 14 days (surprise!), we didn’t manage to get this much done. But at least we got some things done.

PRs merged/closed in the last 14 days

  • 767
  • 770
  • 774 adds copyright- and license-notices at the beginning of all files.
  • 772 adds tests for error-returing store hooks.

PRs opened in the last 14 days and not yet closed

  • 764 adds imag-mail based on libimagmail.
  • 771 implements utility functions to be used with the clap “validator functions” feature, so they can be used to verify commandline input.
  • 775 adds readline support in libimaginteraction, so one can use readline to ask the user for data.
  • 783 rewrites the README.md file of the repository.

Issues opened and already closed

The future

Issues opened and not yet closed

  • 765 started a discussion about whether the linking-feature should be extended for a link-annotation feature.
  • 766 started a discussion about caching. Thanks you for the issue, Julian!
  • 768 asks for better documentation of the linking feature. Thank you again, Julian!
  • 773
  • 776
  • 777 asks to reduce the use of foo.fold(Ok(()),... and replace it by fold_defresult or similar helper functions we have in the codebase.
  • 778 asks for a refactor of the FromStoreId trait that is defined and used in libimagdiary.
  • 779 asks for a refactor of libimagentryfilter.
  • 780
  • 781 asks for updating all dependencies of imag.
  • 782 asks for changing the libimagstore::store::Store interface to be non-consuming where possible.
  • 784 asks for refactoring the libimagstore::store::EntryHeader type. This is actually a really complex issue which might be solved in several PRs rather than in one step.
  • 785 asks for a imag mv feature, with some functionality like mv, but also some functionality to move store entries. Thank you again, Julian!

Other things

I finally started my masters degree this week and I guess I will have a rather high workload in this semester, so I really hope I’m able to do some imag things.

Doing the 0.2.0 release within this year (it is planned to happen before 31.12.2016) should be possible, though we will see whether the 3-month-cycle for the next releases I announced in the blog post about my release strategy will be possible.