What's coming up in imag (20)

Another 14 days vanished quickly as hell.

Read what happened in the imag codebase in the last 14 days, in this 20th iteration on whats coming up in imag, the text based personal information management suite for the commandline.

Also, I have some changes to this series of blog posts. Read about it here as well.

The past

In the past two weeks, we got almost nothing done, honestly. We had four pull requests and no new issues. Why is that? Well, most of the PRs are mine as well as most of the issues are opened by me. And I have a hell lot to do with my masters degree. Also, I want to write pull requests to the rust-vobject crate to give it a high-level interface to be able to write my calendar and contacts module with it. This is, as you might think, a nontrivial task and therefor take some time as well.

We had one new contributor though. Thanks to Steven Allen for PR #834.

That’s why we didn’t have that much progress. I will sum it up here:

  • 834 optimized one point in libimagutil where I opened one file twice. Thanks again, Steven Allen, for the contribution!
  • 835 moved the functionality of the EntryHeader (the querying by string in the header toml data structure) to a new libimagstore module, so the module libimagstore::store does only contain a minimal EntryHeader type for backwards compatibility.
  • 836 eliminates the EntryHeader type completely and replaces it by toml::Value, its inner type. This is not completed at the time of writing.
  • 837 adds older compilers to the CI setup for travis.

The future

Lets see what will happen in the next four weeks.

Yes, that’s right. I will do…

Less updates

I will slow down this blogging series. This was the 20th iteration on the subject, so I already do this for 40 weeks now. I will now slow this down and only post every four weeks about imag. Partly because my masters degree is really time consuming, partly because I already planned this beforehand. Every four weeks will be enough, I guess. I’m not sure whether I will continue include all PRs and issues or only the major ones. We’ll see.


For the next four weeks I plan to get some functionality into rust-vobject. I will then start to implement imag-contact and I hope to get some progress with imag-mail, but I cannot promise anything.