git-dit github import

So I started developing an importer for importing github issues into git-dit

  • the distributed issue tracker build on git.

Turns out it works well, though some things are not yet implemented:

  • Wrapping of text. This is difficult because quotations are wrapped, but the quotation character is not prepended to the new line - which results in broken format
  • Importing only issues. Right now, PRs are imported … which is not exactly what we want. I really hope I can figure this out to actually attach PR comments to the actual commits of the PR. This would be really nice. Issues shall be imported without parent (orphaned) like git-dit wants it.
  • Mapping of github handles to real names and email addresses.
  • Mapping github labels to git-dit “trailers”.

Have a look at my importer tool here (Just be told: This is WIP and shouldn’t be used right now)!

Or at git-dit itself here (I am co-author).