musicmatzes veggie chilli

Because I get asked a lot about the recipe of my veggi chili, I decided to write an blog article about it so I can link to this instead of explaining it again and again.

This chilli is veggie (or even vegan, I’m not sure). I call it “Chilli” but I guess it is nowhere a real Chilli. Either way, it is delicious.


What you need:

  • Red beans (I use canned beans, 400g/Can)
  • Corn (half or a bit less than half the number of cans of beans, 400g/can)
  • Carrots (if you like them a lot, but in 200-300g for each can of corn)
  • Onions (one small one for each can of corn, maybe a bit less)
  • Chilli (depending on how spicy you like it one or more)
  • Cooking Oil
  • Tomato paste (up to one tube)
  • Red and/or yellow Paprika (optional)

And, of course, water, a stove, a bit pot and knifes and so on. You don’t need any spices besides Chilli.

The recipe

First, you roast the chopped onions - but be careful to not over-roast them. Put in the sliced carrots sooner rather than later - they have to be soft in the final product! (You can put in the chopped paprika now, if you have some.) After some roasting put in the beans and corn. Put a bit of water on top, enough that it fully vaporizes in the cooking process.

Now let it cook. Don’t forget to stir it a bit.

After some time put in a good amount of tomato paste. If you think it is enough, put in some more. It’s for the color!

Now let it cook on minor heat. The longer it cooks, the better it gets. Put in the chopped chilli and then let it cook for another 10-20 minutes. Make sure the chilli is well distributed, to avoid surprises when eating.

Serve with bread and a can of milk for the weak ones.

Cooking more than one meal!

What I do when cooking this chilli: I cook much more than I need for one meal. For example, when eating with two friends, I cook so much chilli that we can have a nice lunch, a dinner and maybe even a late-night snack from it.

You can easily heat up the chilli hours after it cooled down or you can even eat it cold (not as in freezer-cold, but as in “not-hot”). If the chilli is cooled down it is not as spicy as if it is hot!

Chilli without meat? Whut?

I’m not allowed to eat meat, so this is my alternative. I really love it.