From zero to shipping the car

When we initially started thinking about traveling north-america, we knew that this would be a huge undertaking.

We had to think about so many things, starting with shipping the car, what to pack into the car and what to put into handluggage, our vaccinations, insurance for the mobilehome but also for ourselves, exchanging euros for (canadian) dollars, booking a flight to Halifax, renting a car for the first few days until we can get our mobilehome from customs, booking a hotel, preparing the mobilehome (approval for example, but also maintenance repairs), and so much more.

But today, one major step was taken: The car arrived at the harbour and will be shipped in the next few days (I don’t know the exact date when the ship will depart).

Now, the mental stress really starts. Have we thought about all the details? Did we miss something we really should’ve thought about? What happens if we missed to pack one thing we really need and cannot bring by plane? I’m rather confident that we thought about everything, but one never knows, right?

We had several friends who forwarded us contacts in both the US and Canada, so we can visit friends and friends-of-friends in almost every other state. That’s really awesome! We even got contacts to a Family in Florida State, despite our route going anywhere near this state!

Less than three weeks from now we will board our plane to Halifax (to Toronto and from there to Halifax). 9 hours to Toronto and 2 more to Halifax - we’ll see how to survive that!