Starting the journey

Tomorrow is the day.

Tomorrow, we will take our plane to Toronto and later to Halifax. The Journey, no… the Dream! finally begins!

We are, of course, nervous as hell. Will everything go right? Will we arrive save in Canada? How will the flight be? That’s actually the first time we fly that long. 4 hours to Iceland were … quite okay I suppose. But 9 hours to Toronto and after that another 2 hours to Halifax? I bet we will be tired to death after that. And then there’s jetlag.

I added vacation (or rather: sabatical) notices on all my programming projects and handed off maintainership to a dear friend to mine, so he can respond to issues/bug reports and pull requests. And I released imag 0.8.0 which I’m going to use myself during the trip for storing the trip-diary and more.

Another thing I thought about a lot in the last couple of weeks was whether I should buy another lens for my camera. My grandma told me she wants to give me some money for my graduation and I was really tempted to use that money for another lens. I would’ve added some of my own money to that. But after all, the lens I had in mind (several came to mind) where too expensive (at 500-1200 EUR) so I decided to not buy a new one “just for the trip”. Maybe I will buy a new one during my trip. Who knows?