The first days

The first week in Canada has already passed and so many thinks happened! We arrived in Toronto after 8.5 hrs (actually half an hour less than expected) - what a giant city (it looks sooo big from the plane)! After a bit of sleep and another two hours (which we slept through) we arrived at Halifax, got our rental car and drove to the city where we were able to check in at our stay.

The first few days we visited the city of Halifax and drove down to Lunenburg with our rental car. Then, on Wednsday, we got our “Olli” - our Land Rover. On 17th, we drove up to New Glasgow and the days after upto Cape North, where we had beautiful days. Funnily, each other day was bad weather - good for us to make some Kilometers!

On 21st, we were near Fredericton and actually did our first night near Walmart

  • because we wanted to re-fill our fridge but unfortunately todays a national holiday. So we had a shower and some nice dinner. On 22nd, at 7 am, we checked out what’s available at Walmart and then continued our journey into the direction of Quebec, Quebec.

On 23rd, we arrived at Quebec - finally with good weather and nice temperatures. So far, the journey was nice but nothing special actually. We did some nice trails and had some nice spots, but we also already had three bad spots, where either the attraction was closed or the weather was so bad that we did not even get out of the car.

Today I’m sitting in Quebec City with beautiful weather (but rather fresh wind) and finally found a public wifi where I can update my blog and so on.