My dad had a funny idea. The idea was, to travel through northern America for one year.

Using our Motorhome, we would travel through the beauty of Canada from East to West. Optionally we would drive up to Alaska and Ancorage, then we’d see the West Coast of the States when driving down South. We would visit Yellowstone national park, the national parks in California State and Death Valley. After that we would drive over the Mexican border in Baja California, towards Mexico City and back home again.

That was the general idea. In the following list of articles, I documented the whole journey.

All articles 1 of the trip 'North-America' chronologically:

Preparing the journey

Everything starts with an idea. We had one: Traveling north america for one year. Canada, Unites States, Mexico. But having an idea is not everything, one has to lay out some plans (despite we are not the “plan every bit beforehand” kind of guys when it comes to traveling) at least. But, of course, first things first. VISA? Well, for traveling to the US, one has to get VISA. We needed a travelors-VISA.