2016 github stats

I just found the website githubreportcard.reflect.io which generates github user statistics for 2016.

I went ahead and tried it out. And hell yeah, 2016 was a productive year!

Of course, I worked a lot on imag, which resulted in a lot of changes. But I also did other things in 2016... and guess what? Rust is not the language I wrote the most code in – at least not by repo count!

So let me show some of my numbers:

“This year I made 3,438 commits across 40 GitHub repos in 12 languages.”

12 Languages? Well... yes! I don't know what these languages are, but here are some of them listed (ordered by number of repositories I contributed to): TeX, Rust, Shell, Ruby, C, Racket, Nix, Unknown, PHP. Yes,... “Unknown” is also there, I'm not sure what this is, actually.

Let me show some more numbers:

My Additions – 151,411 My Deletions – 92,512 My Open Source Changes – 95,290

Hell yeah! 151.411 lines of code? Holy sh!t! That's huge, isn't it? I'm not sure where this all comes from ... a huge portion must be from imag. Thinking of some repositories I also deleted in 2016 because they where old... this number might be even higher!

While I guess that 2017 won't be as productive as 2016 (because masters degree, blabla ... you know it – and because a long journey which is planned in summer), I really hope I can have a decent statistic at the end of this year as well.

Enough of me – what about you? What's your github graph of 2016 like?

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