Hi! Nice to meet you!

I am from Germany. I studied computer science (M.Sc.) in southern Germany and am currently employed by ifm. In my free time I program a lot, watch series, listen to music, dance, read, cook, meet friends, go to Linux conferences and user group meetings and so…


If you want to learn more about me, talk to me or send me pizza, clubmate or coffee, feel free to contact me via mail:

mail (at) beyermatthias (dot) de

I encourage you to use my GPG key: 73A3FB810F689281C385C73DF8DE2C63A051EF75!

You can find me on Microsoft Github (although I am using it just for contributing and not for my own code), Xing, LinkedIn and here, but not on facebook or google. If you just want to say hi, feel free to use @musicmatze@mastodon.technology or @musicmatze:beyermatthi.as.


I host my code at git.beyermatthi.as.

There are source repositories of code I developed, contrib repositories where I contribute(d) patches and mirrors of repositories that I find valuable.

Feel free to send me patches to any of the source repositories. You can also find me on sr.ht and contribute patches via its mechanisms.

If you appreciate what I do, feel free to buy me a coffee via liberapay:

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