Being awesome to each other

After a full night of work (honestly I haven't slept in 26 hours now, working for my masters thesis), the next version of Cursive was published. I immediately had to drop a mail to the author and thank him for his wonderful work.

And this got me thinking...

Sometimes, being awesome to each other is not being friendly, acknowledging others work or enthusiasm about a thing or being tolerant about decisions others have made which might not fit ones own ideas of how life should be.

Sometimes, being awesome to each other can be a simple thing like just saying “Thank you” when it isn't expected.

I do that for quite a while now – dropping other open source authors a “Thank you” mail. But you can be sure – it happens rarely – it is still something special. I write maybe two or three “Thank You” mails per year.

So if you receive one, you can be sure: I deeply value your project!

tags: #life #social