cvim for chromium – it feels just right

Yes, I use chromium. And I just installed the “cvim” plugin, to be able to navigate with vim bindings in my chromium instances. And it just feels like it should! Out of the box!


For my daily browsing, I use dwb (but I want to switch to luakit, I just didn't find the time to do the actual switch, yet). For some pages I use firefox and lately also started using chromium for it. And, of course, I wanted chromium to behave like vim. So I installed “cvim”. I first thought “Yeah, another vim emulatro plugin, could be nice... but well... it is not really a vim” – But after installing it, I just continued with my normal workflow. It just felt right, right from the beginning. I started navigating web pages without thinking about it.

Awesome! I just wanted to share this, so if you're looking for a vim plugin for chromium, just use cvim. It is awesome.

tags: #software #vim