Dracula Untold

“Dracula Untold” is an american dark fantasy action movie. Luke Evans as the main actor, which is defintively always worth a watch.


The happenings in this movie take place in the 15th-century. Knowing war is coming, Vlad seeks help from a vampire. The vampire tells him there are consequences and offers him some of his blood, which will temporarily give Vlad the powers of a vampire. If he resists the intense urge to drink human blood for three days, he will turn back into a human.

Of course he fails to resist.


The movie has only an approval rating of 24% based on 134 reviews, with an average rating of 4.46/10 on rottentomatoes. I, though, liked it a lot and actually have it on my rewatch-list.

I would rate it at 7.5/10 I guess, especially because (dark) fantasy action is one of my preffered movie genres.

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