Enders Game

When I write about Enders Game, I mean the movie published in 2013 based on the science fiction book series that was written by Orson Scott Card. That series started with a short story “Ender's Game” which was published in 1977 by the same author.

I have not read any of these books nor have I read the comic books which were published by Marvel. But I have seen the movie and I want to write about it here, because I really liked it.


As always, I do not want to spoiler any of you by giving away too many details of the plot.

For a long version of the following, please refer to the wikipedia article on the movie, which is about 700 words. I do not want to give away that much details here, though.

As this is a science-fiction movie, it takes place in the future. In that future, humans want to attack an alien race that previously attacked earth and killed millions. For that attack, the best and most promising individuals are trained from young age, so they can lead the attack as efficiently as possible. “Ender” (Asa Butterfield), which is the main character, is a gifted young student in the battle school. He starts the training more or less as an outsider, although working hard gets him far.


I really liked that movie. Wikipedia states) that is was a box-office bomb, grossing only $125.5 million on a $110–115 million budget, though. Rotten tomatoes states that

If it isn't quite as thought-provoking as the book, Ender's Game still manages to offer a commendable number of well-acted, solidly written sci-fi thrills.

averaging at 6.07/10. I would rate it at about 7.5/10.

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