From end of September until mid of November, I was at home in Germany to apply for my future job and to fix some things at my parents house as well as to relax for a bit. After all, traveling is not vacation!

The first days

The first days in Germany were strange. Everything seemd so unreal. Also, everything was so small all of a sudden. Strange! Plus, I had a pretty bad jetlag. The day after I arrived, I had to bring my mum to the train station in Stuttgart, because she went to Las Vegas to meet my dad there and spend six weeks in the states with him. So I had to get up really early. At 4 AM! After that, my biorhythmus was killed completely and it took me seven days to get to a point where I did not get hungry at strange times and was not tired all day long.

Home, sweet home

I (re)started playing table tennis rather soon, started eating all the nice things one can get in Europe, cooked for myself of course, met friends and had a good time in Germany.

I had to repair some things in the house, book some flights – back to LV for me, from Mexico to Germany in February 2019 when my journey ends as well as a flight for my dad mid 2019 when his part of the journey ends.

Saying goodbye to Germany

On November 13th I had to say goodbye again, because I flew back to the States, to Las Vegas. I met my parents there and my mum will go home on 15th.

My dad and I will then continue the trip to see the south of the States and, rather soon, leave the states to Mexico.

Saying goodbye to the cat was the most tearful event, as well as saying goodbye to my bed. I miss it.