How mpdscribble did not scrobble – because of the system time!

I started my music server after I came yesterday. I mounted the external music hard drive, I started mpd. Then I wanted to start mpdscribble to scrobble to my account. But it did not start. Here's why.

First, I thought the configuration must be broken somehow. But it looked fine. I had no package update, as I'm running Debian stable on this machine – so no updates for these packages!

I double- and trible-checked the configuration, the method how I started mpd and so on. But I couldn't find an issue. The log file was not written, the journal was slowly filled.

After a while, I noticed that the logfile had an entry for writing to the syslog daemon, which resulted the log to be in /var/log/daemon.log and there I found it: The system time seem'd to be broken. And yes, it was the 28th Dec. 2014. I don't know why, but I guess that's the time when the BIOS battery run out of energy or something like this. Anyways, fixed the system time and got it working!

tags: #music #server #mpd