, mailinglist, git repositories and IRC

imag just got a website, a mailinglist, a git repository setup and an IRC channel.

So I wanted to set up a website for imag for months already, but I finally got to it. I actually developed the website offline and it was almost done, and now it is online.

I wrote the website using nanoc, a static site generator. I used nanoc before and I also contributed some code to nanoc, so I already knew what to do and how to do it. I wrote a minimal theme for the website, I wanted to have it plain-text-ish, as imag itself is a plain text tool.

I managed to register an IRC channel on the freenode irc network, which is awesome. travis was set up to post to this IRC channel if a build succeeds or fails which is really convenient as well.

Of course we also have a mailinglist now. One can register there to contribute patches via mail and to ask questions. Of course there's not that much on the mailinglist yet, as we do not have a community around imag, yet. Anyways, there's the possibility to build one now, which is awesome, I guess!


So what's running in the background here?

I registered a space at uberspace where also this very website is hosted, set up a gitolite and a cgit webfrontend for the git repositories.

The mailinglist is run by ezmlm, which was written by djb and is very well documented how to setup on an uberspace.

The domain was registered on


Well, I pay these things from my own money (I can make some money this summer working at my university, so that's not a big problem).

Currently, I pay 19 Euro per Year for the domain and 2,50 Euro per Month for the Uberspace, but I will increase this as soon as there are more contributors on the git hosting or on the mailinglist (as soon as my setup causes actual workload on their servers) or as soon as I have a job, whatever comes first.

So that makes it 49 Euro per year with the current setup, which is affordable for me. As soon as I increase the monthly fee for uberspace (I will go to 5 Euro if I make my own money and no contributors and more if there are contributors), this will cost me 100 Euro per year if I give uberspace 6.75 Euro per month. Still not much, I guess.

As soon as I have to pay more than 100 Euro per year I guess I will add a “support this project” button on the website ... or something like this. Well, we'll see...

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