I really like to dump my brain into irc channels. You do, too? So, meet ircdump. (the repo) / ircdump (the script-call) is a short shell script which dumps your text in all joined irc channels you previously joined. It uses ii as irc tool.

If you want to paste something, you just invoke it:

ircdump I like trains

and it dumps the text directly into all available IRC channels. Of course, you must do some setup right before!

You have to use ii to create/join the appropriate channels. You should create them at /tmp/ircdump or set the appropriate path right in the script. Once you connected to a server and joined the appropriate channels, the script does everything else for you. Note that it doesn't paste to the server channel, just to the channels you joined.

Use it with care! You will paste to _all IRC channels you joined with ii.

People gonna hate you!

Update: There is now a repo at my github account which contains utils when dealing with ii:

tags: #programming #chat #irc #shell