Leaving the social world?

Lately, my use of so called “social” networks decreased a lot. I have a profile at G+, Twitter, Reddit and a local social network. Three out of these four became useless for me over the past months. Reddit didn't. And I think about leaving them.

Google Plus was really cool at the beginning, but nevertheless to say that there are the same stupid guys hanging around as on every other stupid website out there on the internet. Posting images of cats and babies or stupid graphics about why the linux operating system is much better than the other ones (well, of course it is – but I don't need to be told that on an everyday basis). Twitter is pretty much the same, and the local social network I mentioned is almost dead. So I think about leaving them. It is really easy to leave them – just click through the webinterface. The more heavy task is to get them to delete my data. This is almost impossible. And, of course, my Android phone gets kind of useless without the possibility to install apps with the Play Store (I'm running stock android). What would be a great idea is to install a custom ROM on my android device(s) (I own a normal smartphone and a tablet, but the latter is not so important, as I'm already thinking about putting a debian or somewhat on it) and then remove my Google account completely. But this would be a challenge to me as I'm not experienced with CyanogenMod or whatever is out there. You maybe think “And how would you socialize then?” – Well, let me tell you, there is such a thing from the dark ages, some people on the internet are still using it today, which is called e-Mail (or eMail or Email or E-mail or ...)! This is a technique where you send texts to others. And of course there is the IRC. What I'm thinking about is to join Diaspora. I don't know much about it. There are not as many users as in G+ or even this thing with books and faces, but there are about 500k users. And that's much enough I guess. But anyway, the whole social network stuff seems a bit obsolete for me. After the facts Mr. Snowden came up with, I don't want to give my data away anymore! I hate the fact that I need skype, I hate the fact that social networks are somewhat like a minimum requirement for humans and of course I hate the fact that not everybody is using privacy tools as GPG. Maybe I should really do this! Maybe I should leave all this stuff and concentrate on things that are really important. This article became something like a stupid braindump, but I hope I stated my point.

tags: #social #network