Merry Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas and a happy 33c3!

Last year on christmas I posted a blog post as well, so I figured I'll do it again this year.

This year, though, I have a little present for you all and myself. This blog got a new design and is also built with another tool. Why is that? Well, because I wanted to change something. So I ditched frog and opted for hugo.

Don't get me wrong, frog is an awesome tool and I really love it! Racket is a great language and I hoped to get my feet wet with it a bit while using frog. I didn't. Sadly.

But hugo is faster. And it got to the point where speed matters. I didn't want to use nanoc, though I know it and I've built some sites with it already (starting with my wiki.template which was initially built with nanoc and the website which is build with nanoc). I wanted to use something new. And a quick query to told me that jekyll, hugo and gitbook were my options. Yes, there are more engines – I considered middleman as well. But no, I wanted something new. So hugo it is.

By now I'm amazed. It is really fast, all the things just work and the template I chose was almost perfect for my needs.

I did some work to make the URLs backward compatible, so all your links should work as expected. If not, tell me, I will fix it. What changed, though, is the location of the RSS file. So you have to use the new URL: RSS.

So here we go.

Have a nice Christmas eve. See you at 33c3!

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