On my blog, you find mostly technical articles about Rust, NixOS and stuff I fiddle around with. From time to time, there are some articles about my travels, or some social stuff like the Chaos Communication Congress or things like that.

But I want to add some articles in the future about movies and series I liked a lot. I hope you don't mind that, given that my audience (you!) is mostly technical readers (lets just face it: Nerds are my audience).

I'm not the most skilled writer when it comes to non-technical stuff, I guess. I'm also not the biggest movie-nerd or geek, fwiw. I will blog about movies anyways.

Right now, the list of movies and series I want to see in the upcoming months, given that the pandemic is very much happening still, is rather long. It is mostly Fantasy and Sci-Fi stuff, with some action and thrillers mixed in. I'm not into horror movies at all, and only a little bit into romance stuff. So if you care about the same genres, you might want to follow what I post a bit. Also, I won't do in-depth reviews, but rather some more general impressions about the movie or series at hand. Think of it like a trailer in text-form, or like a short version of the “Plot” section in the wikipedia article of the movie/series.

That being said... let's go!