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I started a fork of a diary application which is written in bash, because I thought there are some things missing and some features could be added – and the repository of the original author was really old.

I started to pretty it up and implement some 21st-century things so it becomes a really nice note-taking application.

So, initially the application was called “diary” and developed on sourceforge, by Jamie Briggs. Someone created a fork, named “diary-f”, which added some features.

The lastest change in the original repository is from February 2013, which is almost two years ago by now. The last change in the repository of the fork is from three years ago – even longer, yes!

So, the application per se is really good one. It is just a small shell script, but it works really good for me. Anyways, I missed some features, namingly:

I started implementing multi-file support directly in the “diary-f” repository, but then decided to create a fork, as it won't be compatible with the original software anymore. By now, three things are done in the repository: I refactored the codebase to fit my coding style (well, it is still bash, isn't it?), mutli-file support as said and git support. I want to implement gpg support next and maybe the ability to add attachements to entries. And after these things are implemented, I want to be able to search the entry repository for certain entries in a simple way, which could be difficult, given the fact that everything is encrypted in there.

If you're interested in the application, I'd welcome pull requests for almost everything. Contributing guidelines are:

That's basically it. I'm looking forward to your patches! tags: #bash #git #open source #programming #shell #tools