Outside the Wire

I didn't post a movie review for a long time. So let's have one again. This time I want to write about “Outside the Wire” which is an 2021 Action movie.


As always, only a short teaser from the Wikipedia page of the movie:

In 2036, a civil war between pro-Russian insurgents and local resistances in Ukraine leads the US to deploy peacekeeping forces. During an operation, a team of United States Marines and robotic soldiers are ambushed. Disobeying an order, drone pilot 1st Lt. Harp deploys a Hellfire missile in a drone strike against a suspected enemy launcher, killing two Marines caught in the killzone but saving the 38 Marines who would have been killed by the launcher. As punishment, Harp is sent to Camp Nathaniel, the US base of operations in Ukraine.

The plot is nothing usual, but also nothing special in the end. I liked it a lot, though!


I cannot agree with the rottentomatoes reviews on this one! On rottentomatoes, this movie has a 4.9/10, but I would rate a solid 7/10. There is a lot of action, not too much emotion, which is good for this genre, and a fair bit of “race against time”, but nothing too heavy.

I can recommend this one.