Panorama Photography is hard

As the cautious reader might have noticed, I got myself into photography lately.

Well, I'm by no means a professional, but it is a nice hobby and I get myself out into the nature (not right now, because weather really sucks here in south Germany right now, but in general) to take pictures.

In the summer, during my trip to Iceland, I took a lot of pictures – and also panorama pictures. My camera (a Panasonic G 70) has a functionality to take panorama photos, which is really convenient. I did not use it, though. I took a bunch of photos which later can be combined into one panorama photo, for example. Or so I thought.

Now that I am at home and am trying to combine the photos (with the awesome Hugin Software) I notice that I should've taken even more photos. The resulting image is okayish at best – lots of areas are blurry and the panorama is basically not usable.

So, when taking photos for a panorama – take more! And maybe even use your cameras functionality in addition, so you are safe and if the combined image has issues you at least have the automatically generated panorama.

tags: #photography