“Ragnarok” is a Norwegian fantasy drama series from Netflix. It takes place in the present time in a fictional village in Norway, and apparently the original audio is Norwegian, which is really nice.

A friend of mine watched it in the original language with subtitles and said that it was a really nice flair and gave the series even more a touch of “mysticalness” (if that's a word).

So far, two seasons are released and the story is not finished yet. Keep that in mind if you don't like cliff-hangers!


As always, I don't want to give away too much here. That's why I removed some parts of the following quote:

[The series] takes place in [...] the fictional Norwegian town of Edda in Hordaland, Western Norway, which is plagued by climate change and the industrial pollution. [...] Magne, a teenage boy [...] begins the fight against those who are destroying the planet.



The series was, according to wikipedia not very well received in Norway. I can understand that one's rather critical if a series takes place in the own country, rather than in some far far away America!

That said, rottentomatoes lists an average of 70% for that series.

I must say that I love that series and cannot wait for the third season (I hope they don't mess it up). I'd rate this with a straight 9/10!