Last weekend I attended the RustNation23 conference in London. We were asked by the organizers to write blog posts about our experience. So here we go.

Traveling to London

I flew in from Stuttgart, Germany on Thursday. The flight was mid-day, which was really nice because I wasn't too tired on the flight, but also not at a late time in London, so hanging out with a colleague who also attended and visiting one of the famous London Pubs was possible.

The Conference

The conference took place at “The Brewery”, which was the perfect location for such an event! The really nice and tasty snacks before, between and after the talks kept me awake but not too stuffed! And that was dearly needed because the talks were of exceptional quality! The keynotes were absolutely awesome! Seeing Job Gjengset live and in action was a particularly great experience, but also the other speakers, who, by the way, came from all around the world, were absolutely awesome!

The staff at the location took great care of everyone! There was always enough water available and the drinks after the conference (the “socializing” part) were also really good.

Another day in London

My company allowed me (or rather us) to stay an extra day in London, which we really enjoyed. We did a long walking trip through the city, visited Buckingham Palace, Victoria Station, Westminster and Big Ben, Leicester Square, Soho, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Canary Wharf, Jubilee Park, Kings Cross Station, Camden Town, The Regents Park, the Sherlock Holmes Museum (although we didn't enter). That were almost 30km of walking through the City of London in just one day.

Flying Home

On Sunday, I flew back to Stuttgart and finaly fell back into my own bed again. It was dearly needed, as my feet were wrecked, my brain was overloaded and I was tired from just being in London. A lot to process, really!


London was great. I am really grateful that my company let me go there, experience RustNation23 and gave me an extra day to visit London. I cannot wait for the next Rust conference (which will probably be EuroRust 23 for me). If the Speakers are only half as awesome as the ones at RustNation, it will be worth it a hundred times!