Switching again: Frog!

Well, I am switching my blogging tool again. But I guess, this time, everything will be fine the way it is now.

The new tool is called “frog”.

And it is written in Racket, the programming language I'm learning at the moment. It has some nice features and targets bloggers, so it's the right tool for me, I guess. It generates static sites, so yay! No more update hell, at least not on the server! Racket uses a special versioning policy to prevent the dependency-hell, maybe this works also well for updates? I'd love it!

So, I'm using frog now. I converted my old entries to its format (which is Markdown, but it wants a specially formatted header at the beginning of each Markdown file) and it generates it really fast (hopefully it scales...).

So, I hope you like it. Some of you have requested a atom/rss feed, it's integrated, so here you go...

tags: #blog