The Blackout (Series)

“The Blackout” (not the movie, but the series!) is a Russian science-fiction action thriller series (6 episodes in one season so far) that aired in 2020.

Wikipedia does not have an article on it, yet.


As always, I don't want to give away too much about the plot of the series.

The series is about an event that suddenly plunges the entire world into darkness, rapidly destroying life on Earth except for a small area in Eastern Europe.

This is the same as the plot of the aforementioned movie, but again: I'm not talking about the movie, but the series!


The general reception of the movie according to wikipedia is rather bad.

It seems that the series has nothing to do with the series, because the series was really good! I can say that I watched the whole 6 episodes (each about 40 minutes) in one sitting, because it was so exciting. It is, of course, a rather brutal series with a lot of blood and violence, but that's exactly the theme of the series and thus necessary.

I did not find a rating for the series on rottentomatoes, neither did I find a Wikipedia article on it (not even in Russian Wikipedia), so I can only give you my own rating! And I would give this series a solid 8/10 – I really enjoyed watching it and would definitively watch it again!