The development of a music taste

It is funny how a music taste changes over time.

When I started listening to music extensively, which was about 10 years ago (at the time, the nickname “musicmatze” came up, btw), I mostly listened to German rap and HipHop. I did not listen to “known” artists at the time. Some names I can remember are Pidvalid, Syntheciser, End and Alligatoah (yeah kids, take that – I listened to Alligatoah before it was cool).

After I graduated from middle school and entered the Gymnasium, my friends all listened to Heavy Metal. Soonish, I discovered Heavy Metal myself and found my new favourite genre – Melodic Death Metal. MDM is my favourite genre till today, but at the time it was the only genre I liked. Bands were Norther, Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork and In Flames – my favourite bands still today.

When I turned 18, and finaly was able to stay at parties all night, I developed a more broad music taste, including Death Metal, Black Metal, Nu Metal, Neue Deutsche Härte, Metalcore and also, a bit later, Hardcore, Screamo, Brutal Deathcore and other related genres.

When I was around 20 and 21 I discovered EBM, Industrial and Dark Wave, a bit later also Aggrotech. This led me to like electronic music – which led me to love EDM and especially Trance and Psy Trance but also Hardstyle when I was about 24 until today.

I really have no point here – I just wanted to write down that a I think it is amusing how a music taste changes over time.

Btw – I rarely listen to HipHop anymore. And if I do, not German one. Today I think German music (with the exception of Rammstein and a few other Bands) just sucks.

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