The end of the social media accounts...

It's done. I deleted the following accounts:

Sadly, there is no option to delete a Wordpress-Account, as well as there is no possibility to delete an account on,, and (for the last one, I don't even know the password and username anymore)!

I'm not sad about it, just for twitter ... It was always fun tweeting around stuff. But privacy is more important to me than fun! I did not delete my amazon and ebay account by now, I think... I will still buy stuff on amazon or ebay, and if I do this, I have to give them my data anyway, so there is no point in deleting my account. But, if someone comes up with good arguments on this, I will happily delete these two accounts, too! Feel free to contact me on my other accounts, which are on github, reddit and stackoverflow. If you just want to chat with me, you are really welcome to use this branch new technology almost nobody uses by now, called E-Mail.

Adr: GPG: 20CA0F94

I will update my blog on the skype(-alternative) thing as soon as I did something about it.

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