Thoughts #12

“Thoughts” is (will be) a weekly roll-up of my mastodon feed with some notable thoughts collected into a long-form blog post. “Long form” is relative here, as I will only expand a little on some selected subjects, not write screens and screens of text on each of these subjects.

If you think I toot too much to follow, this is an alternative to follow some of my thoughts.

This week (2021-07-17– 2021-07-23) I executed more steps toward minimalism and created a profile on a website I do not like.

More minimalism

This week I donated some clothes I don't need anymore (and haven't used for ... a rather long time). I also removed some boxes from my apartment as well, which was also a good feeling.

I also experienced, and I guess that's the same feeling as with the minimalism by removing stuff you don't need, a nice feeling about my removal of github from my everyday websites.


This week, I also created a linkedIn profile.

I was always against these kind of data-silo services, but I have to admit that LinkedIn can provide value for ones life and I am now trying it out. Lets see where the journey goes.

Building a backup solution

I am building a simple (“off-shore”) backup solution with a RaspberryPi 4B and some external drives. This week I ordered all the parts, and managed to order the wrong SD card. But besides that, everything is going as planned. Of course I ordered a new one right away.