Thoughts #2

“Thoughts” is (will be) a weekly roll-up of my mastodon feed with some notable thoughts collected into a long-form blog post. “Long form” is relative here, as I will only expand a little on some selected subjects, not write screens and screens of text on each of these subjects.

If you think I toot too much to follow, this is an alternative to follow some of my thoughts.

This week (2021-05-08 – 2021-05-14) I thought about vendor lock once more and played a bit with my raspberry.

Github and Vendor-Lock

My discontent about #github continues but I had to admit that github-actions is very nice and I like it more every time I have to work with it. I'm not sure whether this plays into the vendor-lock thing mentioned earlier.

I also voiced my discomfort... no, lets face it: my anger with people that cannot obey the simplest commit message rules.

Sensor stuff

I was able to boot my old Raspberry Pi (1) with raspbian (german) (unfortunately #nixos failed to boot and I don't know why), which makes my plans for sensors in my flat (last week, german) a little easier. It won't be able to run prometheus and grafana because 512MB of RAM is just not enough for these, I guess. Still, I am one step further towards the goal!


I watched “The Covenant” and asked the fediverse whether there's a database of movies with spiders, so I can avoid them. This would be in fact a really helpful database, and I am sad that no such things exists. I am not actually arachnophobic, but I really don't like them and prefer to watch movies without any spiders or similar creatures (crabs, scorpions, ...).

Idiotic shopping

Well, I had some encounters (german) with overly stressed workers at my local grocery store this week.

The thread linked above tells you everything I guess. I am still baffeled how idiotic some people in our society behave, even though this is not the worst kind of human being running around these days (especially if you consider covid-denialists and so on).