Thoughts #8

“Thoughts” is (will be) a weekly roll-up of my mastodon feed with some notable thoughts collected into a long-form blog post. “Long form” is relative here, as I will only expand a little on some selected subjects, not write screens and screens of text on each of these subjects.

If you think I toot too much to follow, this is an alternative to follow some of my thoughts.

This week (2021-06-19– 2021-06-25) I had some more thoughts on git, hiked through the forest and was, once again, amazed by the amount of data people use.

git sucks

No, I don't think so. But others think so. And it constantly confuses me because I never actually get some reasons from people claiming it. This time, I got some.

I am not convinced they actually tried to learn git.

In my opinion, git is a very good tool (although even I have to ask others from time to time). If you truly understand how it works, you can do wonders with it and for software development it is not without reason the standard tool. To be fair, it's CLI is something one might need to get used to, but as this is a tool for technical people, it can be expected from them.

So, if someone has a better idea how to do distributed software development, please go ahead and implement something! And don't mention hg, because it is not different from git at all.

Another hike

Yes, the last week was warm. Not to say it was hot. I did another hike (german) anyways. It was a really nice, 19km hike through the nearby forest with one of my friends that I really enjoyed.

We talked a lot about technology stuff as well as the nixos community (because we're both nix users by heart) and had a really good time. At the end, my left foot hurt a bit and I rested for two days after the hike, to be sure it was nothing serious (and it wasn't).

Of course we stayed hydrated!

Mobile data

I'm always amazed how much data people use on their phones. I asked my mastodon community about that and got some mixed results, but nobody was able to underbid me, with 50MB (yes, that's Megabyte) per month.